Solar & Energy

Commercial Cash Flow Positive
Reduce your electricity bill and your carbon footprint 30,000 hour globe life could last 20 years Quality LEDs latest chip technology 2 years Guarantee Standard size retro-fittable with most common light fittings.

Solar & Energy

Residential FREE Energy Assessment
Our parent company and Solar Connected has supplied and also installed over 15,000 solar systems in Australia. So many Australians use our products every day and we are also the licensed warranty agents.

Commercial LED

IC Lights Exclusive Products
It’s Clear, It’s Clean, it’s time to change the standard of life for you and for all... LED lighting plays an important role in reducing energy usage, a focus in lowering costs and helping the environment we all share and live in.

$0 Upfront
for Rural Businesses

Immediate savings on your electricity bills, Repayments may be fully deductible.



  • No deposit (Includes installation & design)
  • Immediate savings on your bills
  • Flexible terms up to 7 years
  • Repayments may be fully tax deductible
  • Option to buy at the end of rental
  • Low Doc options available
  • 48 hour approval
    Installation and manufacturing warranties


How we can help you!


Enquire about your next project

Contact Off-Grid Solar Energy by phone or email, this can be located on our contact page. Basic details such as name, email, phone number and address of intended project are basic requirements.

Consultation stage

We will book a consultation with a trained professional off grid personnel at the most convenient time depending on the location of your install. Here we can go through pricing schedules and installation time frames.


Once a variation of either lighting, Solar and Hot water has been contractually agreed on, we will book the appropriate time of installation and delivery of off grid items to site in a timely manner. Installation and compliance will be signed off after the completion of your install for quality in insurances checks.